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Unlocking Value, Powering Sustainability

Revolutionizing Real Estate With Energy Storage

Transforming land into high-value assets while contributing to the clean energy transition, our battery storage development projects are at the forefront of sustainability.

Navigating the world of renewable energy land agreements can be complex and overwhelming for landowners. Whether you’ve been approached by an independent power producer or are exploring opportunities yourself, there are crucial factors to consider to maximize the returns on your land while managing potential risks.

Price Isn't The Only Term

Renewable energy land-control agreements are unique transactions. If an independent power producer has contacted you, you are negotiating with a highly experienced professional who has dealt with hundreds of solar land leases or energy storage purchase options. Price isn’t the only term to consider in these negotiations.

Understanding the Landscape

Renewable energy land agreements are unique transactions requiring careful consideration. It’s essential to understand the terms and negotiations involved, including option period length, termination rights, and lease payment escalation. Without expert guidance, landowners risk not getting the best rate or favorable terms.

Realizing Your Land’s Value

With the rapid growth of energy storage and solar markets, the grid’s interconnection challenges are becoming more apparent. Landowners with access to sites offering clean interconnection have a significant advantage in extracting maximum value from developers. Clean energy projects often represent the highest and best use cases for land, offering lucrative opportunities for landowners to capitalize on.

Assessing Risks

Understanding the risks associated with renewable energy land agreements is crucial. Do you know what percentage of the developers’ land deals go through? What provisions do you have to protect your land in the event of disaster or when the lease is over? It’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of these risks and safeguards in place to protect your interests.

How GCI Can Help You Maximize the Value of Your Land

Navigating the complexities of renewable energy land agreements can be daunting for landowners. Working with an expert development firm like GCI helps level the scales – our professionals have developed billions of dollars and 100’s of MW’s of currently operating grid connected infrastructure, including natural gas plants, solar and energy storage. At GCI, we specialize in simplifying this process and empowering landowners like you to make informed decisions while maximizing the value of your land.

Expertise and Experience

Our team at GCI offers expert guidance and education throughout the process. With experience leading project development at industry leaders like NRG, Ormat, and AES, we simplify the complexities of renewable energy land agreements, ensuring you understand every term and negotiation. From option periods to payment terms, we keep you informed and empowered

Maximizing Your Returns

We’re dedicated to maximizing the returns on your land. Leveraging our industry expertise, we identify the best opportunities in the energy storage market for your land. Whether securing favorable terms or optimizing interconnection potential, we work tirelessly to unlock your land’s full value.

Assessing Risks with Confidence

Before approaching landowners, we conduct thorough due diligence to assess risks. Our research and analysis ensure confidence in every opportunity, maximizing the likelihood of successful land deals. Your success is our priority, backed by careful risk management.

Protections and Safeguards

Throughout the process, we prioritize protecting your interests. Our team implements comprehensive provisions and safeguards to mitigate potential risks. Whether disaster protection or lease termination, we ensure your land is safeguarded, providing peace of mind.

Maximizing Success

Partnering with GCI means gaining access to unparalleled industry knowledge and support. We’re committed to your success, guiding you every step of the way. By prioritizing due diligence and strategic safeguards, we empower you to achieve maximum value for your land in the energy storage market.